Novel siRNA Platform
for Tissue Repair and Regenerative Therapeutics

A Leader in the Science of Core Cell Migration Mechanisms and their Role in Repairing Tissue and Combatting Disease

All repair and regeneration within the human body depends directly on cell movement. Based on pioneering patented research, MicroCures has established a first-of-its-kind therapeutic platform for precisely controlling the movement of cells. This transformative science represents an innovative approach to tissue repair and disease treatment. The company is currently engaged in advancing the commercialization of corneal, nerve, and dermal therapeutic applications. 

Proprietary technology to transform traumatic wound repair / regeneration

MicroCures has developed a portfolio of siRNA therapeutics designed to accelerate and improve tissue and nerve repair and regeneration

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MicroCures’ pioneering research has generated robust peer reviewed data confirming that the movement of cells can be precisely controlled to achieve dramatic therapeutic outcomes.


MicroCures’ first-of-its-kind technology platform can accelerate or decelerate cell migration with the potential to enhance healing and treat disease.


MicroCures has a diverse pipeline of therapeutic pathways and is advancing three programs in parallel
to the clinic.