A roadmap to healing

MicroCures is advancing a proprietary drug development platform that designs short interfering RNA (siRNA)-based therapeutics capable of selectively silencing microtubule regulatory proteins (MRPs).

Above, one cell (right) has been transfected with siRNA (green), inhibiting the expression of the target protein (red). The control cell (left) has no siRNA present, leaving the target protein (red) unaffected.

MicroCures leverages this siRNA-based approach to precisely control cell movement through inhibition of MRPs.

These novel therapeutics can be designed to either accelerate or decelerate cell motility, depending on the desired therapeutic outcome.

This first-of-its-kind, non-systemic treatment approach has demonstrated the potential to accelerate cell movement to drive faster and more complete repair of wounds and burns, as well as regeneration of nerves, spinal cord and cardiac tissue. 

Additionally, the company believes that the platform’s ability to decelerate cell motility has the potential to address other indications including cancer metastases and fibrosis.

MicroCures combines its proprietary siRNA-based therapeutics with established, commercialized nanoparticle delivery vehicles.  Despite the “difficult to deliver” reputation of systemic siRNA drugs, the topical/local delivery vehicles employed by MicroCures have demonstrated successful and predictable delivery and effective cellular uptake.  Importantly, the company’s siRNA sequences are broken down within days of administration allowing for rapid restoration of normal protein expression and cellular behavior.